What we do...

Connecting your brand and your customers in innovative new ways

Successful interactivity is based on Empathy, Creativity, Technique - We deliver, achieving your objectives by making your users lives simpler.

It all starts with your customer, what they actually need and what they really want. We mix now and next technology with your objectives and come up with solutions that work whatever the platform, from our mobile apps to more conventional web and intranet solutions that will please and delight your team and your customers.

Beauty, Technology, Simplicity...

We look at your customers, what they want, what they need and most importantly how they behave. We know our stuff, technical excellence and empathy for your world and that of your customers. We make solutions that are intuitive, workable and easy-to-use.

We build mobile and web based solutions that access your entire target audience and are easy to manage and update. We do this through design, application development, hosting and consultancy services.

Your trusted partner in this exciting new space, using our skills to grow your business.

Our core team has 15 years experience from both sides, in the ownership, management and in the development of new media. Our diversity of perspective gives us a uniquely emphatic approach to solving your problems and realising your opportunities.

Our well developed support team of specialist freelancers gives Flint Digital the flexibility to work on a range of projects, from the relatively straightforward to the most comprehensive.

We listen...

To you and your customers needs & desires - we care about your customers, which in turn means we take care of you.

We solve problems...

Once we are safely inside your users mind we use our experience to harness this understanding for your benefit.

We deliver...

For you and most importantly your customer, on budget, on time and bang on target.

Got an Idea - or need some application inspiration?

Got a problem? We offer a range of solutions and services