How we do it...

Your customer is at the centre of our development process.

Customer Centric Design...

We start with your customers user experience - it's central to delivering genuine competitive advantage - customers expect interaction with your organisation to be intuitive. We will make sure we both understand your business and your customers before we start to make anything. On this foundation we will create engaging experiences and solutions that work.

We learn about your customers and users

Watch, interview and profile their behaviour - rinsing out wants, needs and attitudes...

Creating user scenario's to prioritise content and feature lists - informing the whole design direction of your solution

We optimise our solutions for your organisational focus and goals

Listening to your internal stakeholders - holding cross team discussions to clarify competitor positioning, your real strengths and weaknesses.

Matching our solutions with your staff skill base and to maximise return on investment.

Creating logical intuitive information architecture that meets your teams needs and expectations.

We design simple solutions to complex problems

We do this by visualising, mocking up and creating interactive prototypes

We operate an iterative development process. We welcome changing objectives as a project progresses - we see this as part of the development of a successful solution. If the problems we are trying to solve at the end of the process are the same as those we set out to solve in the first place we might have missed something.

The result - attractive engaging and effective experiences whatever the device or platform

Familiarity with innovation, we don't reinvent the wheel - quite the opposite. But we continually innovate organically. Our designs are flexible but based on fundamental principals of usability, typography and style.

Ongoing Evaluation, testing and re-testing with real people

Testing is woven into our development process to minimise wasted effort and development cul-de-sacs...

Speedy solutions with inbuilt development potential for real world use...

Whatever the platform ongoing analysis, iteration and improvements will give you greater returns

1) The Idea

We take your idea, refine your requirements focusing on your business objectives and the needs of your customers.

2) Planning

How are we going to meet these needs within the constraints of your chosen platforms to maximise your returns. We define realistically and plan the delivery to maximise the response you get.

3) Design

The solution is visualised, storyboarded and agreed so we know where we are going.

4) Development

We differ from some other suppliers in that the software engineering is integrated from the very start of the project - this avoids unrealistic targets and under delivery. This also means the testing phase should be faster and smoother.

5) Deployment

Once uploaded and in the case mobile apps approved for an app store...

We provide usage trends and ongoing analytics to optimise your solutions uptake and make sure it's working for your target market the way you envisaged. We believe that post-deployment vigilance is critical to the success of your investment.