How we do it...

Your opportunity, Your inspiration

Efficiency in the field

Applications to support your staff efficiency: Data capture, sales support, market research, instant access to management information.

Seamlessly integrated with your existing back-end architecture.

The information your customers want

The most important content and information for your customers, synchronised or background updates automatically.

Continuous data integrity whether on or offline.

Management, right here, right now

Your businesses sensitive critical information and real time status updates delivered directly, automatically and securely to staff and decision makers devices whenever they are on line.

Customer Focus & CRM

Fast and automated CRM,

Sales and activity tracking,

Right where and when it's needed most.

Expense Control

Apps for near instant expense compilation, reporting and sign off, saving time and improving control and ROI analysis.

Especially relevant for on-the-move staff and for improved billing cycles.

Personell & Compliance

Best practice & management support, within devolved HR functions in a rapidly changing legislative environment - a true business saver

On demand and easily accessible, instant access for middle management ensures personnel policy & legal compliance are adhered to.

Marketing Applications

Creative and pertinent ideas delivered in timely, relevant and brand consistent ways are extremely powerful. Carling's famous I-pint gave tremendous marketing ROI.

Branding is the thin edge of the wedge - immediate data capture, engagement, calls to action and direct purchase from your mobile.

Location based applications

Location based apps and integration with other apps that allow easy and free peer support, communications and social networking.

Safety, security and risk management

Instant updates regarding clients and service users for organisations involved in more sensitive and challenging physical and social environments.

Location Tracking and check in for safety and security.