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mobile app development - iPhone | Android | Blackberry | Windows Mobile

We believe in mobile...

  • Smarter, faster, smaller, greener. Smartphones and converged mobile devices are intimate and ubiquitous.
  • Immediate access, immediate response, immediate return on investment. Applications are a highly efficient way to drive customer, staff and public engagement with your organisation.
  • Whether for sales, marketing or staff efficiency, our commercially viable bespoke applications are instantly gratifying, simple to use, flexible, viral and available everywhere.

We will work to be your trusted partner in this exciting new space.

The mobile decade...

  • The application ready smartphone goes mainstream. Driven by the application economy which is forcasted to increase 7 times in the next 3 years.
  • By 2013 Mobile phones will overtake PC's as the most common web access devices worldwide. 50 billion application downloads in 2012 as unlimited data plans become standard.
  • Mobile users are impatient, expecting to make less clicks - mobile optimised sites and applications remove this barrier to your existing web audiences.
  • Let us use our expertise to help you access this opportunity.

Customer centric solutions...

We develop customer centric mobile solutions.

Define - turn your idea into a strategy with clarity of intent, backed up by killer content.
Design - coherence, beauty, intuition leads to engagement and conversion.
Develop - apps and mobile solutions to power your business and meet your objectives.
Deliver - always on time and budget, we aim to make the process fun and effective.

Our experienced team will bring the power of mobile to your business.

Complete web solution...

We create, manage, promote and host, websites and communications solutions for mobile, desktop and intranet environments.

Our solutions deliver engaging messages, convert interest to win business and sell your products or services to make more money.

Let our talent drive the delivery of your objectives.

Why Flint?

We create mobile, web and intranet solutions that engage, are attractive and are easy to use. We care about your customer, which in turn means we take care of you.

We think about your customers needs, which means we take care of your objectives. We use our skills to work with you flexibly, to grow your business.

Got an Idea - or need some application inspiration?

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